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Natural Choice Landscaping knows that choosing a dependable contractor is an important decision. We have outlined the important questions you should be asking a landscaping contractor. In order to ensure a high-quality installation you should know the answers to the following questions.

Q: How long has the contractor been installing interlocking pavers?

A: Natural Choice has been installing interlocking pavers and walls since 1997

Q: Has the contractor been trained by a manufacturer or by ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute)?

A: Natural Choice is an authorized Techo-BlocBelgard, Cambridge, and Versa-Lok installer. Jim MacGillvary, owner of Natural Choice, is also an ICPI-certified installer.

Q: Will the contractor provide references?

A: Local references are available and you are encouraged to ask for them.

Q: Does the contractor have a portfolio of photos and letters to qualify himself?

A: A portfolio of photos is available at the time of estimate or by visiting www.naturalchoicelandscaping.biz

Q: Can the contractor provide proof of liability and worker’s compensation insurance?

A: Liability and workers' compensation certificates will be provided upon request.

Q: Will the contractor provide a written proposal outlining the work and terms of payment?

A: Natural Choice provides a written proposal outlining work and terms of payments.

Q: Does the contractor guarantee his workmanship?

A: Natural Choice guarantees workmanship for 3 full years. Material distributor guarantees material against defects for up to 25 years.

Q: Can the contractor provide proof of a state-issued Home improvement License?

A: Natural Choice  Landscaping State home improvement license number is HIC.0622813

With your answers to all of the above questions you now have information that will help to select a reliable, safe and competent contractor for your project.